Connecting Business and Design – support for funding

Commencement date: June
Project status: Ongoing
Partners: College of Business, RMIT University

This competitive grant (up to $5k) has been generously provided by the College of Business, RMIT University to stimulate co-operation between academic staff from the College of Business (including TAFE) and RMIT designers or other design professionals to bring design into business.

DESIS-Lab Melbourne ran a workshop on 18th June 2013 at RMIT Design Hub to generate ideas and proposals collaboratively among the various participants, and develop it further to outline a viable proposal for submission for the Research Grant Scheme in Business & Design. This co-generation and participatory model is something that DESIS champions, drawing on the strengths and knowledge that the researchers can contribute towards.

As a result, two proposals have been successful in obtaining the grant

DesignMind: Design Thinking for Social Enterprise Communication
Why do social enterprises cease to operate? In what ways do social enterprises make use of design thinking? These intriguing questions have long-term consequences for social policy, for the effective operation of social enterprises and to the application of design thinking by social enterprises. The aim of this study is to examine the role and effects of design in the development of communications strategies for social enterprises.

Team members:
Heather Douglas, School of Management, RMIT
Judith Rogers, School of Architecture & Design, RMIT
*Joshua Fartch, Annecto
*Anna Lorenzetoo, Swinburne University of Technology
Mark Daniels, Social Traders

Consuming Design: Understanding Design Thinking by Business Minds
This project explores questions on 1) how can design be infused into business, in this case, the marketing curriculum? 2) what existing understanding do business students have of design – how do they categorise and make sense of design? 3) How do these same students reflect on design principles after they are embedded in the curriculum?

Team members:
Kaleel Rahman, School of Economics, Finance & Marketing, RMIT
Francis Farrelly, School of Economics, Finance & Marketing, RMIT
Linda Robinson, School of Economics, Finance & Marketing, RMIT
*Marina Paronetto, Kmart Australia

*DESIS-Lab Melbourne members

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