Design for Social Change Studio: Oxfam Australia & RMIT University

Commencement date: 2014
Project status: Ongoing
Partners: Oxfam Australia, RMIT University

This is a communication design 3rd year studio offered at RMIT University. It enabled students to have the unique opportunity to work with Oxfam Australia to explore complex, systemic issues on climate change and food security through designing and research. Throughout the 13 week semester, the students undertook intensive design research, ethnography and fieldwork, which was synthesised and analysed through critical mapping. The students were required to design an innovative strategy that enables young people in Australia to see, feel and think about their enduring connection to the global communities who are affected by climate change, and help young people in Australia to take action.

The insights and strategy were presented to Oxfam on two occasions, one at mid-semester presentation and the end of semester presentation. These presentations were attended by Oxfam representatives who gave the students input, critique and advice appropriate to the assessment criteria.

If the strategies proposed by the students show potential, Oxfam representatives will discuss their choice with the lecturers and may invite those students to develop their strategies further, after the semester has ended. These students will be consulted and involved in further developing their strategy for Oxfam’s GROW / Climate Change and Food Security campaigns and be part of influencing their strategy.

The slides below were the presentations that were made to Oxfam Australia in June 2014.

Jennifer Smit: A treasure hunt

Jared Ow: #changechallenge

Celeste Galtry: A new donation platform

Jennifer Thy: One mother, one dollar campaign

Marina Sellstad: Gamification Earth

Alexandra Kimpton: Flourish

Eliza Lambert: The Social Green Pop-up Bar

Ally Parker: Brand zero

Gabby Lovell: Queen Vic Market cooking school

Luna Hao: The vegan day planner

Rachel Gan: Hello Fresh activity pack + grocery delivery service

Rainie Nguyen: The 30 Day Challenge App

Hanxun Chen: The disappearing island public installation

Diamy Pham: Packaging tips for a busy lifestyle

Yi Cheng: Pop-up disaster showroom

Francesca Carey: Oxfam Tap

Mathias Kasambalis: Connecting people through public art installations

Monica Sutrisna: Craft food template for healthy eating

Pei Seen Chew: University organic market co-ops

Bo Young Lee: Plant Me

Patrick Lavery: UGLI pop-up stores

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