Designing future designers: Pedagogy of building capacity in designing for complex social and environmental issues

Commencement date: 2014
Project status: Current
Partners: RMIT University, Oxfam Australia, Victoria Eco Innovation Lab, Swinburne University, Monash University, Victoria University, Melbourne University

This project builds on a course piloted with final year Communication Design students in 1st semester 2014 at RMIT University. Developed in partnership with Oxfam’s Design for Change program, students designed communication strategies to engage Australian youth on climate change and food security. The teaching was integrated with research expertise and introduced human-centred design methods to assist student’s learning of design’s role in addressing complex issues.

This project further consolidates the 1st semester fruitful outcome and Oxfam’s enthusiasm to continue the successful partnership. Several workshops are planned with various stakeholders to call upon a range of expertise in Oxfam, RMIT and beyond to ensure evaluation and critical input to deliver internationally relevant curricula that integrate social and sustainable principles into design curricula, has potential to transfer into other fields, and enable students to be work-ready in local and global industry.

Anyone interested in learning more about this project, or taking part, please contact Tania Ivanka (

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