Frugal Engineering, Honey Bee Network

The Honey Bee Network is an organisation committed to the furthering of grass roots innovations in India, led by Professor Anil Gupta. Kate developed a project inspired by attending a summer school on inclusive innovation at the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Ahmedabad in June 2015 where Engineering Students from across India undertook fieldwork with local underserved communities in Ahmedabad, looking for examples of current social and grassroots innovation. Taking two particular communities, the vendors and the potters, Swinburne Product Design Engineering students, developed their understanding of this fieldwork using generative research techniques, to develop new solutions. Student to student communication between the cohort in Australia and two Mechanical Engineering Students in India provided invaluable connectivity to these communities providing real world answers from users. Projects ranged from electricity generation, cool food storage, water filtration to new water vending services. All solutions were proved through prototyping. In the spirit of grass roots innovation, the project work was shared back to the Honey Bee Network via a series of short movies.

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