Future, Sensitive, Self: An Alternative Design Symposium

Thursday 29.09.16
Pavillion One The Design Hub RMIT Building 100

As part of a series of ongoing conversations, Future, Sensitive is an iterative inquiry into what design is and can be. Future, Sensitive, Self will explore the self-image that shapes a designer’s practice, as informed by values, means and methods. Focussing on socially-engaged modes of design, Future, Sensitive, Self is a space where student and graduate designers can develop a sensitivity to their own values and the role of the individual designer in design as a broader discourse.

Continuing on from previous conversations about alternative practice, it is worthwhile stopping to ask, “alternative to what?”

FS will be a series of five minute presentations and a panel discussion.

FS will have drinks afterwards as an opportunity to continue the conversation.

FS will continue as a publication.

Speakers (so far)

Nicole Dolan (Portable)
Ollie Cotsaftis (the future ensemble)
Amandine Thomas (Dumbo Feather)
Ceri Hann (Public Assembly)
Hope Lumsden-Barry (RMIT)
Noel Waite (RMIT)
Brave New Alps (Italy)

Convened by Ryley Lawson

(B Media and Communication Honours)


Yoko Akama, Hope Lumsden-Barry, Jackson Holloway, and Rida Abbasi

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