Innovating Public Services Through Design

Wednesday 30 March 2016
RMIT University, Bldg 80, Level 4, Room 11

Sarah Drummond is the Co-founder and managing Director of Snook, an award winning design consultancy working at the forefront of civic, public sector and democratic innovation in the UK.  Sarah focuses on making social change happen by re-thinking public services from a human perspective. Sarah co-founded Snook alongside Lauren Currie in 2009 and in her 7 years experience has worked with a vast array of public, private and third sector clients predominately across health, mental health and social care, education, civic and local authority and education to design services that work for people.

Her core clients include the Department for Health, British and Scottish Government, Government Digital Service, Department for Work and Pensions, Capita, UK local councils, NHS, and a variety of investment companies. In this talk, she’ll share her insights and challenges of innovating public services.

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