Link Festival 2015 Panel Discussion: “Let’s really look at what designing does in social innovation and sustainability”

Listen to a podcast of the panel discussion “Let’s really look at what designing does in social innovation and sustainability”.

Part of the Engineers Without Borders Link Festival Tuesday 17 February 2015

DESIS-Lab Melbourne convened a presentation and panel discussion as part of Link Festival 2015 program. The speakers were Idil Gaziulusoy and Jessica Bird (Victorian Eco-Innovation Lab); Kate Bissett-Johnson (Swinburne University) and Yoko Akama (RMIT University and Leader of DESIS-Lab Melbourne), facilitated by Tania Ivanka (RMIT University).

Each presenter drew on their practice in education, research and design to share first-hand experiences in working on contemporary issues in social innovation in sustainability. Questions and comments from the audience were actively invited to have a lively discussion to look at what design is really doing and to counter worrying trends where design is ‘sold’ as a ‘magic bullet’. Listen to this here:

Or here:

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