Oxfam’s GROW Campaign: the story of food and you by Clancy Moore

The food system is broken. The world produces enough food but still millions of people go hungry. Climate change, the role of powerful companies, poor people being ignored by governments. Theses are some of the challenges facing the world’s hungry.But we can make a difference and help create a future where everyone has enough to eat.

Clancy Moore has worked on human rights, justice and sustainability issues for over 10 years overseas and in-Australia including working in the favelas in North East Brazil and with displaced communities in the Solomon Islands on land and livelihoods issues. He currently coordinates Oxfam’s food and climate campaign, GROW which is bringing about changes in policy and practice of governments, citizens and the food and beverage industry to build a world where everyone has enough to eat. He teaches Sustainability at RMIT and has a Masters of International Development.

His  presentation can be downloaded here: GROW RMIT Presentation for Design for Change 110314.ppt

His talk is part of ‘Design for Social Change: Climate Change and Food Security’ course in the Communication Design program at RMIT University.

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