Offers and Needs Market for Cremorne Street Event

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The community-led Cremorne street event on 10th March 2017 was a local celebration of this neighbourhood and a chance to connect through good, common projects. Cremorne is a creative, tech and social innovation hub. Businesses such as Uber, bitcoin, Vinomofo, Tesla as well as super-sized businesses of and now calling the suburb home.

As part of this event DESIS-Lab Melbourne facilitated an activity called Offers and Needs Market for people to share skills, offer time and creative ideas for anything common and useful in Cremorne. It was a visual and participatory activity to enable anyone to contribute. Ideas that were generated include the following that were consistent with the stencil project.

Alongside, there was a DJ on the street, a pop up park with some furniture and plants, a MakersMap for people to add their business, food and drinks, and an array of other activities hosted by locals.

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Design and the Social Sector: An Annotated Bibliography
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