Design for Social Innovation conference, Sydney 20-21 October 2014

Design for Social Innovation: A two day conference on the latest thinking, doing and change emerging in the field of design‑led social innovation.

• Explore case studies on current practice and learn about the realities of design‑led innovation for social impact with international and Australian experts.
• Workshop your current projects and challenges in specialised learning sessions and masterclasses on design and social innovation.

• Emerge with a design and innovation toolkit to implement social change initiatives drawn from best practice in Australia and around the world.


Why do we need design-led thinking for social innovation?

Because we need to look at problem solving and solution finding from users’ perspective.

As we face a future in Australia with a diminishing tax base to support an ageing community, and reduced government spending on social purpose, a new way forward is needed that ensures social innovation makes an impact on a meaningful scale. Design thinking applied to social purpose can result in the creation of new services, business models, processes and communication that makes meaningful and scalable change possible.

But how do you practically do this innovation work?

And what’s more – how do you do this in a cash-strapped, risk averse system, and still maintain business as usual and deliver services to those most in need?

Design-based thinking, real life application

Walk away from this conference with the know-how to immediately put technique and frameworks into practice and create new or enhance existing systems, processes, services and products.

Design for Social Innovation is an event for practitioners, policy makers, social impact intrapreneurs, social entrepreneurs, directors and managers in government, the not-for-profit sector, and business.

It is for people who create or manage systems, processes, products and services designed to address social need.

Design and business innovation academics as well as user-facing communicators and developers will also be able to participate and engage in thinking that will explore real life case-studies and dig-deep into the realities of design-led innovation in the social space.

Participants will develop an action plan for user-centric approaches to tackling social challenges such as disadvantage, homelessness, long-term unemployment, disengagement from education, social isolation and social challenges related to health.

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Feral Experimental is a multifaceted projected exploring the meaning and purpose of experimental practices in both design and art. Including a symposium, free workshops and an exhibition, the project aims to examine the boundaries of design thinking, collaborative processes and creative output. The issues explored by participating designers, artists and researchers are far ranging and include preparations for extreme weather, drug rehabilitation and the preservation of cultural heritage.
The Feral Experimental Exhibition is on from 18 July to 30 August in Galleries UNSW.
Experimental Design Thinking Symposium Panel
Wednesday 20 August, 10.00–11.30am
UNSW Galleries Basement Foyer
Cameron Tonkinwise
Abby Mellick Lopes and Dena Fam
Yoko Akama
Experimental Design Combines Symposium Panel
Wednesday 20 August, 2.30-4.00pm
UNSW Galleries Basement Foyer
Katherine Moline
Laurens Boer and Jared Donovan
Astrid Lorange
Experimental Design and Environmental Sustainability Symposium Panel
Thursday 21 August, 10.00-11.30am
UNSW Galleries Basement Foyer
Mike Michael
Laura Fisher and Volker Kuchelmeister
Tega Brain
Experimental Interaction Design Symposium Panel
Thursday 22 August, 2.30-4.00pm
UNSW Galleries Basement Foyer
Laurene Vaughan
Matthias Hank Haeusler
Jeffrey Tzu Kwan Valino Koh

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Tackling Wicked Problems: A public policy perspective
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