Co-designing Rituals for Transitional Times | The Monthly Feast

The first of a series of Monthly Feasts were held by The Weekly Service last Saturday at Nest’s coworking space in Thornbury. The Feast was cooked and curated by Kirsty Moegerlein, a design researcher, who is interested in the interplay of ritual, food and community as a means to negotiate transitional (or liminal) times. The Monthly Feast will form a key part of her PhD design research at RMIT, which aims to develop cooking into a design practice that is capable, in Tony Fry’s words, of futuring rather than de-futuring. Cooking thus features in her research as a vehicle of reflective practice and the site where a new and appropriate design practice might emerge. By moving beyond the materials of words and images, she intends to turn objects of reflection into ‘palatable’ ideas that are open to being shared.

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