My Bike Project | bike skills and community engagement program

Commencement date: 2011
Project status: Completed
Partners: The Squeaky Wheel, The Huddle, TAC, City of Melbourne, Victorian Police


My Bike Project was a bike skills and community engagement program for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse young people (aged 14 -16) from Melbourne’s inner north.

Headed by The Squeaky Wheel, the project came to life as a collaboration with The Huddle (North Melbourne Football Club Learning and Life Centre) – funded by a TAC Community and Road Safety Grant and supported by the City of Melbourne. With the enthusiastic support of Victoria Police, who donated bikes from unclaimed stolen stock and the professional hands of Flemington Cycles, all kids were able to train on, work on and finally take home their own bike. A team of volunteer Bike Buddies were recruited to help mentor the participants.

The project ran over 9 sessions, beginning in October and finished up in February 2012. It covering all the basics of cycling – stop-start training, how to use brakes, bike riding games, through to bike maintenance. Through this participants learned more about safe riding in traffic and looking after your bike.


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